A Halloween coffin made from recycled pallets

For Halloween 2011 I made a couple of coffins - this one (from recycled pallet wood), and one from a recycled mdf wardrobe.

upright Halloween coffin made from pallet wood

This recycled pallet wood coffin was designed so that it looked as though it was rising from the ground.


The back of the pallet wood coffin

The first step is to work out how big you want your coffin to be. Mine was 1200mm high. Arrange some pallet wood side by side and draw your design on them.



Halloween coffin from recycled pallet wood

Saw the base of the coffin to the desired shape and add some cross bracing (in other words, screw two straps across the base)


Install the ends and sides of the coffin

Add the sides and end panels...



Your finished pallet wood coffin looks something like this...

Finally, your recycled pallet wood coffin should look something like this.


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